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My Books

My books are also available from Amazon and from independent booksellers like Caversham, North America’s largest mental health bookstore.

Take a look at my books!

Some books are written on my own; others are co-written with colleagues I value as friends, mentors, and inspiring creatives. The books that are published through the American Psychological Association (APA) are available at Magination Press, the children’s publishing division at APA. Magination links will take you to my books and sample pages that highlight the work of the incredible artists who have illustrated my stories. 

Taco’s self-doubt gets kids thinking about how thoughts shape feelings and actions.

Taco Falls

With a little help, Avi, an anxious avocado, learns that  what-ifs can be wonderful!

Avocado Feels
a Pit Worried

Drawing lessons for kids, and expert ideas for parents and teachers.

Amazing Adventures

Gentle guided imagery introduces the idea of using imagination to cope with pain.

Imagine a

A defiant princess learns to love a food she despises and avoids.

Princess Penelopea
Hates Peas

Cinderstella’s plans for her own happily ever after are out of this world!

A Tale of Planets, Not Princes

A princess calms her overly-protective knights and a fearful giant through new adventures!

Jacqueline and the Beanstalk

Gentle ways for caregivers to bond with their premature baby in the hospital.

The Moment You Were Born

Two friends learn that you don’t have to win to have lots of fun.

Chicken or Egg:

Who Comes

A rhyming mantra with relaxed breathing can slow down the body and promote calm.

1-2-3 A
Calmer Me

Learning differences are explained for young students.

How I Learn: A Kid's Guide to Learning Disability

Feeling blah? Join in as animals twist, wiggle, shake, and hop to beat the blahs and boost mood.

Move Your


Marvin doesn’t stomp his feet or pound his chest. Instead, he’s calm.

King Calm:
Mindful Gorilla

in the City

Stickley the frog perseveres when tasks are tough with specific stick-to-it strategies.


Sticks To It!

Stickley moves from “Oh no!” to “Oh well,” to reduce the fear of making mistakes.

Stickley Makes
a Mistake!

Book Reviews

Avocado Feels a Pit Worried: 

Avi’s anxiety is realistic and relatable, and his eventual desensitization to his fears is clearly informed by Miles’ expertise…A reassuring story that doubles as a fantastic teaching and parenting tool.

– Kirkus Reviews

Jacqueline and the Beanstalk: Deftly written, beautifully illustrated, modern retelling of a classic fairy tale that aims to help kids face and live with their fears—so they don't miss out on the fun!

– Midwest Book Review

King Calm is a wonderful gateway for teaching mindfulness to children. The narrative manages to give explicit instructions on being mindful without being pedantic or dull.

– Seattle Book Review

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