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My Art

Recently I began making visual art again, a throwback to my childhood. As a kid I had a toy called “Fuzzy Felt Circus.” Inside a thin oblong box were pre-cut pieces of felt in the forms of animals and acrobats. A board of fuzzy material was also included for laying the felt pieces down in any combination of my choosing. Somewhere in that experience my love of felt was born. But I forgot about that love for a very long time. A recent stroll through a craft store took me to the felt aisle. I fell in love all over again. The colors are vibrant. The textures are soft. The possibilities are endless!

My felt creations are incredibly time consuming–all done with great care and passion. I draw all my illustrations by hand. Then I trace them onto tracing paper and cut each illustration into various pieces. Those pieces are then tacked onto felt, like the pieces of a dress pattern. Next, I cut around each piece very slowly to increase my precision. A Cricut machine helps me with only the circles! Once I’ve cut all the pieces, I assemble them to form my picture. Glue is added to every piece–no matter how small–to make the picture permanent. My dream is to illustrate my own picture book one day using felt! I am working very hard to make that dream happen.

A Throwback to my Childhood

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