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Dreamer •  Author • Psychologist

Brenda S. Miles

Hello and welcome! I’m a dreamer, author, and psychologist who revels in science and creativity. I work as a licensed Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychologist which means I learn a lot about neurodevelopmental diversity like ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Autism every day from kids, teens, and their families. I also write children's books and make art. Thanks for dropping by. You can learn more about my books, art, and a brand new journey into one of my favorite topics (memory!) right here. You can also find me on Instragram @psych4thought where I review books, talk about brain science, and explore everything else in psychology that inspires me.


My Books

Taco’s self-doubt gets kids thinking about how thoughts shape feelings and actions.

Taco FallsApart

With a little help, Avi, an anxious avocado, learns that  what-ifs can be wonderful!

Avocado Feels a Pit Worried

Drawing lessons for kids, and expert ideas for parents and teachers.

Cartoon Amazing Adventures

Gentle guided imagery introduces the idea of using imagination to cope with pain.

Imagine a Rainbow

Blue Skies

All About Memory

Remembering is a remarkable feat. Understanding how the brain makes memories can be a game changer for kids. When I learned a bit about memory as a child, I ran with it—creating fun and elaborate strategies that helped me through high school and university. More memory, less stress!

Learn about my mission to teach kids how the brain builds memories to support learning and mental health.

Hippo Camp Kids©

Use this free resource for parents and teachers to begin helping kids make memories that stick.

Introductory Memory Guide

Check out this free game you can print on cards and start playing with your kids. 

Monster Mash-Up Memory Game

Learn what my father taught me about memory and how it shaped my current work and mission.

Ode to My Father

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